The Adelin Properties team is small but mighty, and we need your voice at the table! We are seeking the ideal person to take on the newly created role of PROPERTY OPERATIONS COORDINATOR.  Our team currently manages over 400,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space in the NB and NS. Adelin is growing and in 2023, we are undertaking the construction of a brand new 40,000sf building and investing in increasing the sustainability of our portfolio. 

Does this speak to you?  If so, continue reading!

The capabilities that Angus Anywhere offers to our tenants and our team is incredible. Discover all of it's possibilities in this blog. 

Need a New office?  Tips for Finding the Perfect Space

Do you need a commercial property manager?

Over the past few years, we have seen businesses wanting to own their own buildings, we get it, Real Estate can be a great investment.  Although there can be many reasons for business owners to invest in buying their own building for their operations, there are also many details to consider.  While we aren’t here to tell you which is better – every company must make the decision based on their own needs – we want to tell you how a property management firm can help take care of this investment


We are a small team. 

4 of us in the office full time, 1 maintenance guru and 1 part time office employee. 

But don’t let our size fool you

Within our 6 person team we do it all but the key to our success is in communication

Since we work so closely together (both in proximity and in our processes) it could be easy for us to take for granted our communications. 
One way we combat this is through our team meetings. 

We are a small team, but we hold weekly meetings, these meetings have evolved over time and are ever changing but the essence of team work and communication are at the heart of them ...


As of last week, we now have 58 Tenants in our buildings!  This past week we purchased a retail building in Moncton, and while that in itself is big news (more on that later) the most exciting part is that we have added new businesses to our family. 

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