Finding space that meets your needs can be challenging in competitive markets that are also in constant evolution. What distinguishes our firm is that we offer you THE solution that matches your reality. Our primary concern is the success of your business. That's why we make every effort to provide a tailor-made solution to meet your needs as a tenant, providing you the environment you need to succeed.

When you lease with us, you're more than just a client, you're part of our family. We extend a family spirit to all our tenants and we're there for you. Our tenants are also business partners - your success is our success. Nothing can replace experience and expertise, because leasing a business space that meets your needs deserves careful consideration and solid planning.

Our Leasing team knows what is going on!  We stay up to date with current trends and market intelligence. We understand the industry and work hard to find new and innovative approaches to our commercial real estate market to bring you the best solutions.

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The La Place division, created in 2019, was born out of a niche we could not ignore.  La Place is a perfect example of our Development and Leasing teams listening to the community and reacting to changes in the market to introduce a new offering.  At La Place we have turned traditional office leasing upside down – we offer low commitment, turnkey, flexible office solutions to grow with your company.  Just like with our traditional Clients, the property management team offers exceptional Client Service to our La Place Members and is there to support your business throughout its growth evolution. 

Being innovative means being ahead of the curve. With real estate development and property management, it means anticipating client needs before they occur.

We know that the way people work has been evolving for years, and saw an opportunity to provide turnkey, custom leasing solutions that would serve an ever-expanding field of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and growing businesses. The vision was a stylish, fully furnished, hypermodern office that would accommodate hot desking and dedicated workspaces, as well as private suites for businesses.

We wanted to create spaces that allow our clients to thrive in today’s world, an entrepreneurial community where common-minded people can meet, network, and collaborate. We don’t think of our clients as simply tenants, but as integral pieces of the creative engine that continues to drive Greater Moncton forward.

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