Property Management is not child's play and it's much more than just collecting money from tenants and changing light bulbs. It's about making an investment profitable, establishing long term relationships between you and your tenants, giving you the freedom to be successful. We believe that effective property management is only possible when we're supported by an experienced team. Our clients will attest that we’re there for you at all times, no matter what.

Our team is entirely at your disposal to effectively manage your building, its operations, financial management and physical maintenance. Complete services tailored to your needs have forged the reputation of Adelin Properties.

Adelin Properties' management services for commercial real estate emphasizes three key aspects:

1) Optimized Profitability Strategy
  • Optimization of operating expenses
  • Property marketing to prospective tenants
  • Tenant selection and lease negotiation

2) Tenant Relations
  • Open Communication and Feedback
  • Timely and efficient response to requests for information
  • Rent collection, financial management and accounting

3) Property Maintenance
  • Building Inspections
  • Favorable rates for essential services
  • Emergency repairs and planned maintenance
  • Coordination of renovations and upgrades
  • More informations
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