At Adelin, we don’t believe that real estate should be purely transactional. We see our clients as partners in their projects, and work in close collaboration with them to best tailor our approach to their specific needs. It is important for us to know all our clients personally, since it can help us to be proactive and anticipate their needs.

To maintain personalized service and continuity, our clients always have a consistent touch point that they can contact, 24/7. Nevertheless, we also empower our entire team to be able to assist clients and help to get them what they need, to ensure that no bottlenecks occur.

When building relationships in real estate and property management, as in all business - and indeed all relationships - the most important component is clear communication. Not only are we always available, but we are transparent, clear, and honest with our clients, and let them know about any anticipated hiccups well in advance.

Client Service is our number one priority at Adelin.  We know our Clients are our most valuable asset and we are committed to being there for them.  Our Property Managers are dedicated to quickly and efficiently identify how to help our Clients. 

Our Property Management team will continue to keep our buildings in optimal condition, while learning about and implementing new procedures and systems to become more sustainable.  We are focused on reaching a next level of Client Service by being proactive and helping your business thrive.

As the lead of this Team, Olivia Steeves, is obsessed with Client Service.  Olivia is full of energy and loves helping out whenever she can, she will be spending her time getting to know you, researching best practices and leading this team to success!

If you are a building owner looking for a property management service, Adelin Property Management is an efficient partner that will help you achieve your goals and ensure tenant satisfaction.

Property Management is not child's play and it's much more than just collecting money from tenants and changing light bulbs. It's about making an investment profitable, establishing long-term relationships between you and your tenants, giving you the freedom to be successful. We believe that effective property management is only possible when we're supported by an experienced team. Our clients will attest that we’re there for you at all times, no matter what.

We have invested in technology and resources and spent years adjusting our processes and approach, so you don’t have to!  Sign up to our Property Management services and we will help you get set up.  No need to write your own contracts, find suppliers and deal with service schedules when we can do it for you. 

Our team is entirely at your disposal to effectively manage your building, its operations, financial management and physical maintenance. Complete services tailored to your needs have forged the reputation of Adelin Properties.

Adelin Properties' management services for commercial real estate emphasizes three key aspects:

1) Optimized Profitability Strategy
  • Optimization of operating expenses
  • Property marketing to prospective tenants
  • Tenant selection and lease negotiation

2) Tenant Relations
  • Open Communication and Feedback
  • Timely and efficient response to requests for information
  • Rent collection, financial management and accounting

3) Property Maintenance
  • Building Inspections
  • Favorable rates for essential services
  • Emergency repairs and planned maintenance
  • Coordination of renovations and upgrades

Maintenance information

Looking for a commercial property manager?  Contact us to find out if we can help.
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