Our Clients

Tenants of this building: 
Vimsoft Inc., Bourgeois Conseiller Financiers Inc.; Atelier Tony; e6 International;

Building details:  18,000 square feet building in 2017 mixed use office building with underground parking garage

Our favourite feature of this building:  All the glass!

In September of 2021, Adelin Properties was proud to take over the property management of this building.  Having worked with part of the ownership group in the past we were happy to be able to re-connect and offer our services.  After a few years of managing the operations and finances of this building on their own, while simultaneous running their own businesses, combined with the building hitting it’s 5 year anniversary, it was time to outsource the management.  Adelin Properties now fully operates the building and manages the finances, while keep the ownership group informed through quarterly reporting, and regular communication on important issues. 

Tenants of this building:  MR21; Fédération des Jeunes Francophone du NB, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Moncton; Société Nationale de l’Acadie

Our favourite feature of this building:  the unique architecture dating back to 1939

Place de la Cathedrale, part of the Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, opened in 2018 offering office space for Acadian organizations.  They reached out to us as they were finishing up the renovations asking us to take on the ongoing maintenance and operations of the space.  The refurbished space had a state of the art mechanical (heating and cooling) system installed and it requires regular maintenance and inspection to ensure it’s long term operation.  Adelin Properties has also helped to coordinate the installation and operation of the fire detection and prevention system.  For this property we maintain weekly visits to handle simple maintenance tasks and to check up on all of the systems.

Tenants of this building:  Medavie Health Services;

Our favourite feature in this building:  The use of concrete

Owners of this building contacted us in 2020 to discuss us taking over the maintenance of the building.  The Owners, who have their own business to operated aside from this building,  were no longer going to be on-site and didn’t think it was the best use of their staff’s time to manage the building.  The building was renovated by our sister company, Acadian Construction, so it was a logical choice that we take up the maintenance since we are so familiar with ACL buildings.  After taking over the maintenance and performing regular inspections we were able to identify some areas that needed repair and coordinate the work, resulting in a longer life to the building, which protects the investment, and ultimately saved the owner from costly repairs in the future.

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