Angus Anywhere is a system to support both Adelin, and their tenants.

As much as it is a tool to organize Adelin’s business, it is equally a tool to organize theirs. 

It is amazing how much Angus can do for Adelin, and the tenants. Check out all the capabilities:

1) Angus Anywhere is a platform to submit requests. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Requests to ask for a new swipe card
  • Requests to ask for a door schedule change
  • Requests to ask about cleaning services
  • Requests to report a roof leak
  • Requests to report a damaged piece of furniture
  • Requests to report a burned light bulb
  • To report cold temperatures in the space

2) Angus Anywhere is a platform to send and receive memos.

  • Angus is a tool that will serve as Adelin’s database.
  • The Adelin team can instantly send out important memos, this is why the transition to this new system is important.

3) Angus Anywhere will keep a log of all requested, and completed work

  • Angus will log all work that is done in each tenant’s suite. This way, if a tenant has questions on dates, details, or charges, everything is kept on the Angus platform.

Angus Anywhere should replace all emails to the Property Management email. The only time the property management email should be used is to receive an invitation to the Angus anywhere Platform.

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