As of last week, we now have 58 Tenants in our buildings!  This past week we purchased a retail building in Moncton, and while that in itself is big news (more on that later) the most exciting part is that we have added new businesses to our family. 

This new location comes with 5 new Tenants and today we were able to meet them. 

This is one of the most exciting parts of what we do:  meeting with (in this case) local business owners who work hard everyday to boost our local economy; they employ staff, they pay taxes and they give back to the community.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Making your living while being part of a community.  That’s how I felt this afternoon after I met with these wonderful business owners – they quietly go about operating their businesses while giving back in their own way, from encouraging a love of the arts to  fantastic hairstyles, convenient food,  bringing a taste of home to new commers, and employing those who have personal challenges;  all of this in one building! 

We too are a local small business and helping other local small businesses is very important to us.  Why is supporting local small business so important?  Well, these businesses are the backbone of our economy, The Key Small Business Statistics (2016) found that 9/10 Canadians work for small to medium sized businesses, and 53.8% of Canadians work for micro-enterprises (that’s a firm that employs 1-4 people).  Small businesses boost our economy by creating new jobs (1.2 million jobs from 2003-2017) and contribute 38.4% of Canada’s GDP (  And that’s just the numbers!

Part of the beauty of supporting local small businesses is in knowing who you are working with, they are your neighbors and your friends and they experience our community the same way you do (one shovelful of snow at a time!)  Moreover, the money you spend at a local business stays local (67% of it, compared to 43% with big box).  Matt Kliegman (co-founder - The Smile, The Smile To Go, Black Seed Bagels) says “Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing.” (  So be sure to thank your hairstylist, your physiotherapist or your local thrift store for taking a chance on you, for putting their efforts and passion into providing you with a unique and personal experience. 

Today, we were able to find out how we can help and support our new Tenants.   We can’t wait to get to work on making them part of our family.

Want to discover more reasons to shop local?  Check this out (it’s a quick read – promise!)

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