We had been thinking about doing it for a few months, we were getting busier and looking forward to growing our company and I was becoming overloaded with work.   

The thing with a small team like ours is that we all work together.  We often share work and help each other out wherever we can.  So, in trying to prepare for our new employee we were realized that the job description was very broad, we were going to need to hire someone and ask them to jump in, it would really depend on their experience and personality. 

In walks in Olivia.  You’ve met her (hopefully!) - her personality bursts into the room before she does!  We quickly realized she was wonderful with our clients and was always working hard to make everyone happy and comfortable.  She happily took any task we threw at her and was always looking for ways to improve and help.  At this point we had begun the plans for La Place, and she jumped in and did whatever needed to be done, she really shared our passion for this project and worked so hard to help us to make it a success.

Along the way Olivia’s focus really shifted (out of necessity) from Property Management with Adelin Properties to Community Manager for La Place.  She now successfully has her feet in both parts of the company and now, at a year-in, she is ready to take on more; she wants to learn more about property management and to work on our new developments and also I really need her to come back to helping me! 

The past year with Olivia has been a whirlwind, with her (much) younger views and, our exciting new project, we have grown a lot.  Olivia has been able to show us a different point of view, come up with ideas we would have never thought of and has injected some zeal into our workday.  We have also watched her grow professionally.  She has learned so much about the real world of business, from accounting to marketing; she has helped us with strategic planning, writing protocols, learned that in property management you are on call 24/7 and that snowstorms are our worst days! 

I’m sure you are thinking that it can’t all be that good, she can’t be that sweet (she is) and integral to our team (true).   But ok, here is some dirt on her:  she walks into your office pretending to tell you something important but all she really wants is your candy.  She calls you out for being “old”.  She makes it impossible to be cranky.  She leaves her headphones, mug, pens all over the place. 

I know, how do I live like this?!

Congratulations to Olivia on your one-year work anniversary with Adelin Properties, we are fortunate to have you on our team.


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